Junk Removal services is for customers who are decluttering or downsizing and require Your Choice Movers to take away your unwanted items! Whether it be the left over mess from a DIY home renovation, or closing your cottage for the season, there isno job too big or small!


Please Note

  • Ensure boxes are tapped on bottom and top

  • Make sure tops of boxes are flat. This allows our Moving Labour Specialist to utilize all of your truck and prevent damages. 

  • Pack heavier items like books in smaller boxes

  • Also label boxes with destination. This saves you lugging boxes from room to room.

  •  Label boxes on all sides so you can see what it contains in a stack without having to move everything around

Junk Removal rates are based on individual circumstances Please contact us at 613-283-6005 or 844-321-6005 or click the Get a Quote button above and one of our Moving Labour Specialists will contact you either by email or phone.

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