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Junk Removal

​Your Choice Movers can help you with various internal moving tasks and projects around your home, apartment or office!

How Does it work?

At Your Choice Movers we are dedicated to offering a cheaper and safer alternative to full service moving. It is easy and safe! YOU provide the rental truck, storage container, trailer etc & we will send our Moving Labour Specialists to do all the heavy lifting. You will not have to lift a finger and we will maximize the space in your rental truck, storage container, trailer etc!  Our Moving Labour Specialists are essentialy all the muscle and knowledge you need to have a stress free move.

Be In Control Of Your Move

 ​​​​​Not only do we offer Packing Services we also sell moving supplies like moving boxes! Contact us for more information about our packing services.

Eastern Ontario's Moving Labour Specialists. Offering moving services individualized to every customers needs!

Loading & Unloading

Packing Help

Internal Moving

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Loading and Unloading services are for customers who will be renting their own truck, trailer, portable storage, etc to move their home or business.

​​​​​Junk Removal services is for customers who are cleaning out estates, decluttering or downsizing and require Your Choice Movers to help remove  your unwanted items!​