• Ensure you do a circle check of the outside of your rental truck

  • Inspect the tires to make sure proper air pressure

  • Do you have windshield washer fluid, oil and all other essential fluids?

  • Does your horn work?

  • Do the blinkers work?​

  • Do you know what side your gas tank is on and the height of the vehicle?

  • Have you checked the weather forecast? Often times rental trucks do not have ice scrapers, or snow brushes! Make sure you plan ahead!

As previously mentioned, Your Choice Movers does not subcontract out jobs Who you see in the pictures on this website is who will show up on the day of your move.  This minimizes the risk of having your property being held in a storage facility until you pay an absurd price. You can read our reviews to see how we helped our customers have a stress free move!


How am I saving 30-60% when choosing Your Choice Movers?

How is hiring Your Choice Movers safer than hiring a full service moving company?


  •  Are your appliances unhooked?

  •  Downsizing and getting rid of any things you don't use. Consider our junk removal service!

  •  Can YOU move it? Personal belongings such as important paperwork, electronics, fragile pieces, etc. can take extra time to wrap in order to protect it in transit. If possible considering doing a few loads in your vehicle prior or after the movers arrive 

  •  Do your children and pets have a safe place during the move? 

  •  Have you emptied out your drawers? Remember  to remove breakables from  drawers and if possible remove contents of drawers incase it needs to be tipped during the move.



  • Do you still have items in boxes still packed away from your last move? Perhaps these are items you do not need?​​​

  • Recycle or donate any old magazine and books that you are no longer using.   

  • Do you have any unfinished projects you have been working on for years? Plan a trip to your local Salvation Army or consider hiring us for a donation run!

  • Downsizing? Consider having a yard sale! There is no point in paying extra money to move stuff you  no longer need/want!

  • If it doesn't work anymore get rid of it!


Your Choice Movers’ offers moving labour only services. Keeping our overhead to a minimum without a truck means we can offer up to 30-60% cheaper rates than local competitors. We offer our customers a customized moving experience while minimizing the risk that their belongings could be held hostage until a over-priced bill is paid. As many recent reports are finding many full service moving companies contract out jobs, therefore the price you get quoted may not be what you end up paying. When a full service moving company has your belongings packed in its truck there is not much you can do but pay the bill in order to get your memories, and possessions back. Your Choice Movers wants our customers to be in control of their move and only order services they require! Your Choice Movers want to make sure you have a stress free move!


 Your Choice Movers offers one of the lowest minimum hours of service. Most moving companies require a minimum of 3 hours per job and have a standard hourly rate of $110/ hour for 2 men and a truck (Depending on the season, for some companies) This means your bill no matter what will be a minimum of $330. Keep in mind this does not include the fuel surcharge (most companies charge $75-$110), equipment fees, appliance fees or stair surcharges. With Your Choice Movers our fuel charge is ½ the price and there are no hidden or additional fees! With Your Choice Movers the price we quote is the price you pay.  Our Moving Labour Specialists are fast, efficient and trained to ensure you have a stress free move!


Why doesn't Your Choice Movers own a truck?


Frequently Asked Questions


  • ​​​​​​Ensure boxes are taped on bottom and top​​​​​


  • Pack an overnight bag with all the essentials you may need (ie. toiletries, wallet, keys, paperwork, change of clothes, etc)

  • Make sure tops of boxes are flat. This allows our Moving Labour Specialist to utilize all of your truck and prevent damages. 

  • Pack heavier items like books and dishes in smaller boxes

  • Label boxes with destination. This saves you lugging boxes from room to room. Remember to label on all sides so you can see what it contains in a stack without having to move everything around.


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