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Please Note:

  • Do you still have items in boxes still packed away from your last move? Perhaps these are items you do not need?

  • Recycle or donate any old magazine and books that you are no longer using.   

  • Do you have any unfinished projects you have been working on for years? Plan a trip to your local Salvation Army or consider hiring us for a donation run!

  • Downsizing? Consider having a yard sale! There is no point in paying extra money to move stuff you  no longer need/want!

Cleaning services is for customers who require a move in/move out once over. This includes but is not limited to floors, windows, walls, bathroom and kitchens.

Your Choice Movers

All cleaning jobs are based on customer's individualized needs. Your Choice Movers uses all natural and environmentally friendlycleaners. If you prefer something else please make sure you let us know. 



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Move In & Out Cleaning