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Get our Moving Labour Specialists to help you with loading and unloading, internal moving, packing and more!

Our Mission

 We offer our customers an individualized moving experience, while diminishing the risk that their belongings could be held hostage. As many recent reports are finding many full service moving companies contract out jobs, therefore the price you get quoted may not be what you end up paying. When a full service moving company has your belongings packed in its truck there is not much you can do but pay the bill in order to get your memories, and possessions back. Your Choice Movers wants our customers to be in control of their move and only order services they require! Whether you need packing services, leaving the area and need help loading or are new to the area and need a hand unloading Your Choice Movers is here! We want to make sure you have a stress free move! Our teams combined years of experience in the moving industry allows us to go above and beyond customers expectations!

Why Choose Us?
At Your Choice Movers we are dedicated to offering a cheaper and safer alternative to full service moving. YOU provide the rental truck, storage container, trailer etc,  we will send our Moving Labour Specialists to do all the heavy lifting and maximize the space in your container!  Our Moving Labour Specialists are essentialy all the muscle and knowledge you need to have a stress free move.


How does it work? 

It is easy and safe! YOU provide the rental truck, storage container, trailer etc, therefore your stuff cannot be held hostage! We will send our Moving Labour Specialists, who are personable professionals with years of experience. Our Moving Labour Specialists will maximize the space of your moving container to ensure all of your belongings fit!​