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Internal Moves
This means you do not require a truck, pod or container and that all the moving will be done internally whether it be in your home, garage, apartment building, business, office etc.

Our Moving Labour Specialists are dedicated to offering professional, friendly and affordable MOVING HELP throughout Eastern Ontario. ​Your Choice Movers offers MOVING LABOUR ONLY  services. This means WE DO NOT OWN MOVING TRUCKS but provide the knowledge and labour for those who need help with internal household/office moves, have a rental truck, trailer, portable storage container, pick up truck etc. 

Frequently Used Services:

Packing Services

​Packing services are for those with busy schedules, who aren't sure how to pack, don't have time to pack or for those who would like special care for their fragile keepsakes or Grandma's china​.

Eastern Ontario's Moving Labour Specialists! Get help with loading, unloading, internal moving, packing and more!

​Loading & Unloading

​This service is forthose with a rental truck, van, trailer, shipping container, portable storage, etc who require our professional movers to load/unload for you, saving you time, money and your back.


 Offering delivery services for small to large items. Whether your business needs a delivery company or you just need items delivered to your home we can help!